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Hertelendy Logo Golf Balls


We partnered with Vice Golf to create these customized Hertelendy Vineyards Vice PRO model golf balls. Golf Digest´s hotlist is the most important and most exclusive list of awarded products in golf. A multi-step process consisting of robots, industry experts, golf experts and randomly picked testers test and evaluate products according to different criteria like feel, distance, performance and innovation. We are proud that our premium models Vice PRO has received the highest of all awards – a gold badge!

Out of all Vice golf balls that we tested, we preferred their PRO model because of the soft feel and responsiveness around greens.

EXTREMELY SOFT, CAST URETHANE COVER WITH S2TG TECHNOLOGY EXTRA SOFT & HIGH SPINRATES The micromolecular structure of cast urethane is extremely soft but also very resistant. The very thin coating and special adhesion to the green offers the player superbly smooth and on-demand feel of the ball and controllable, high degree of backspin thanks to the S2TG technology. UV-resistance has been maximized by the use of BJ13 coating. The result is a pearl-white ball that will last you many rounds: Vice Pro with maximized color (MxWhite).

UNIQUE KEEP IN LINE (KIL)-PUTT-LINE PERFECT SUPPORT & CONTROL Align your golf ball perfectly with the extra-long and highly visible “Keep in Line” (KIL) putting line. Developed in collaboration with tour and teaching professionals, the line’s dimensions precisely meet your putting and alignment needs.

CONSTRUCTION 3 piece cast urethane cover 318 large dimple design for stable trajectory. High Energy Speed Core (HESC) for increased ball speed.

CHARACTERISTICS Optimized for tremendous distance. Excellent green-grabbing control thanks to our S2TG technology: great feel & spin rates and highly decelerating Urethane cover.

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